HelMSIC, as an EMSA member organises Twinning project, a kind of cultural and educational exchange between two European Faculty Member Organizations.

Every year, about 10-15 students from each Medical School have the chance to learn about a different health and educational system, meet another european way of living, gain new skills and medical knowledge as well as develop intercultural understanding.

There 3 main stages of the project:

First stage | Students are being selected and “twinned” with the other FMO’s participants. They start contacting each other in order to know each other better and get familiarized.

Second & Third stage | These stages include the visits that happen between the two cooperative Faculties. For about 7 days, local students provide lodging, boarding, educational and cultural activities for the foreign students with the aim of giving them a multilateral view of a student’s life in their country.

Twinning in HelMSIC

HelMSIC consists of 7 local committees, one in each city where there is Medical School. Alexandroupolis, Athens, Heraklion, Ioannina, Larissa, Patras, Thessaloniki are our seven different FMOs.

Our main goal through this project is to offer a memorable experience in Greece. By preparing a high quality educational program, partnerships with the best-equipped clinics and hands-on exercise to improve practical skills, we try to achieve theoretical and practical knowledge acquirement of the participants. There are also trainings organized, based on current public health issues & socio-ethical aspects of medicine.

Of course, cultural interaction is equally important!

Our active local coordinators are always willing to think new, creative ideas in order for our twins to live a wonderful experience in Greece that they will remember forever. We always offer:

  • visits to research institutions
  • lectures by health professionals in a particular thematic topic
  • trainings
  • οne-day trips to famous landmarks
  • cultural activities
  • visits to museums
  • parties  

Each one of our FMOs has its special academic collaborations as well as environmental and cultural facilities that make them unique and suitable for a fruitful cooperation with a different european Medical School.

Take a look at the moments of out last Twinning Pojects.

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