AntiMicrobial Resistance Campaign

There is a lack of comprehensive awareness and sensitization of medical students, healthcare professionals and the general public about Antimicrobial Resistance. Greece is one of the leading Counties in the EU on Antimicrobial Resistance and is the first in the total use of antibiotics. Also there is a lack of knowledge and comprehensive awareness between medical students and healthcare professionals about AMR as it is not included in the medical curriculum and it is partially taught. Resistant microbes are responsible for 1000 deaths and 5000 severe hospital acquired infections in Greece annually. The activity is innovative. It is the first time that a student organisation in Greece took the initiative to create a project about Antimicrobial Resistance. It is essential to add that Antimicrobial Resistance is one of the most severe Public Health issues in Greece at the moment

AMR Campaign is organised in national level during the Antibiotics Awareness Week. The project includes a social media campaign, informative articles on our website, a med-school action – to educate medical students, informative posters for medical students (medical school), informative posters for the general public (hospital), informative booklet for the healthcare professionals about AMR and the practices they need to follow from the National Center for Disease Control.

The main objectives are:

  • To educate medical students, health care professionals and the general public on antimicrobial resistance
  • Show emphasis on the harmful effects of antibiotic misuse in Greece and globally
  • To equip medical students with strategies to reduce the excesive antibiotic use
  • To show the importance of prevention of hospital associated infections for AMR
  • To raise awareness between medical students and healthcare professionals and stimulate them to act against AMR

Εxternal partners for the campaign: The National Center for Disease Control (KEELPNO), the Collaborative Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Outcomes Research, Junior Students’ Network Hellas, and voluntary organisations of Veterinary (IVSA-Thessaloniki), Biology (BioTeam University of Patras) and Pharmacy (Aristotle Team of Pharmacy) students.