HIT – HelMSIC International Training 2018

HelMSIC strikes back with HIT after four years!

HIT – HelMSIC International Training is a training event that will be hosted by HelMSIC in Thessaloniki, Greece, from the 12th until the 15th of April 2018. Every medical student around the world is welcome to attend HIT and participate in one of the 3 available workshops that are held simultaneously.

The training workshops are the following:

  1. TNT (Training New Trainers)
  2. TMET (Training Medical Education Trainers)
  3. PRET (Professional and Research Exchanges Training)

The duration of each workshop is 3 days. All the trainings will be in english.

As a participant, you will have a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and to interact with medical students from all around the world.

Training New Trainers (TNT)
Through this workshop, the participants will be able to develop their soft skills through peer education methods. Soft skills like time & crisis management, intercultural learning and leadership are useful tools for every medical students and future healthcare professionals. By the end of this workshop the trainees will not only have improved their own soft skills, gained knowledge and exchanged ideas, but they will also be able to train other medical students, in similar workshops.

Training Medical Education Trainers (TMET)
TMET is a training event which is focused on medical education issues. During this workshop, students are trained to become Medical Education Trainers. They gain knowledge on topics, such as medical curriculum, Social Accountability, students’ involvement etc and also tools to advocate towards Medical Education related subjects at the University, or other important stakeholders. Meanwhile, participants are educated in soft skills that will give them the chance to become trainers and educate other students accordingly.

Professional and Research Exchanges Training (PRET)
PRET aims to provide its participants the knowledge that is essential to organize successfully professional & research exchanges in their country and their local committee. Every medical student who will participate in this workshop will get a chance to get in contact with students from different places of the world,  exchange ideas and learn new strategies and skills.

When and where will HIT take place?
HIT will take place in Thessaloniki in 12-15 April 2018. The participants will be accommodated at the Stay Hybrid Youth Hostel.

What is the fee?
There is an early and a late fee:

  • early: 60€ for registration from 18/01 until 17/02
  • late: 80€ for registration from 18/02 until 15/03

What is included in the fee?
The fee will include accomodation (all 3 nights) and full boarding (meals for every day of the workshop). The logistics needed for the workshops will also be included in the fee.

However, the fee does NOT include the participant’s transport to Thessaloniki.

How can you participate in HIT?
You can register until 15/03, 23:59 GTM (+2)

You can register for the early fee until 17/02, 23:59, GMT (+2) and for the late fee until 15/03, 23:59 GMT (+2).

For any questions you contact us at hit@helmsic.gr.

In the following booklet you can find usefull information about HIT 2018.