HΙΤ – HelMSIC International Training 2018 | 12-15 April

ΗΙΤ – HelMSIC International Training 2018 | 12-15 April

HIT – HelMSIC International Training 2018 took place in Thessaloniki from 12th to 15th of April! STAY Hybrid Youth Hostel hosted approximately 70 medical students from around the world for three unforgettable days full of knowledge and inspiration.

HIT 2018 is a Sub – Regional Training (SRT), internationally recognized and certified by IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students Associations.

Three training workshops, based on peer education methods, took place simultaneously.

These 3 workshops were:

  1. ΤΝΤ (Τraining New Trainers)
  2. TMET (Training Medical Education Trainers)
  3. PRET (Proffessional and Research Exchanges Training)

What did the participants of the TNT workshop gain?
During the workshop, the participants were introduced to various topics and were able to improve their soft skills.

After the end of TNT, participants became familiar to how to organize, coordinate and guide a team, how to communicate effectively and give feedback and how to operate in an intercultural environment.

The participants had the opportunity to explore their possibilities and creativity, work and interact with medical students from different countries and share personal experiences.

Through the TNT, the participants learned how to form a peer education training and cultivated their presentation skills!

The 17 new, certified by  IFMSA, trainers will train their fellow students in similar subjects!

What did this experience offer to the TMET participants?
Participating in the TMET workshop provided the participants with the opportunity to get educated to issues related to medical education.

TMET participants were introduced on a wide range of themes. Teaching & Learning, Assessment & Evaluation, Basic Training Skills were among them.

Through the sessions, participants realised their role as medical students in the configuration and implementation of the curriculum and understood the importance of their involvement in these important procedures.

Full of knowledge and motivation they hope to contribute to the improvement of the medical education that is provided in their country.

What did the PRET participants gain?
The PRET workshop gave the participants the opportunity to be trained on topics related to Research & Professional Exchanges. The training took place in the ideal intercultural environment since there were participants from all over the world.

Some of the themes that were discussed are related to the management of the exchange program, such as Marketing, Problem Solving and Strategic Planning. Methods of enriching the content of exchanges in both the academic and the intercultural part emerged through these topics.

The workshop also included interactive exercises of intercultural learning and cultural ethics, academic representation skills as well as topics on modern research and preclinical practice at the School of Medicine.

As it was expected, the participants were trained on soft skills such as Team Building, Handover, Time management so as they can achieve more qualitative and efficient human resource management.

PRET was a very powerful experience for all the participants as they saw the exchanges from a new perspective and interacted with students from different cultural countries.

HIT 2018 was a lot more than its workshops! It was a very beautiful and unique experience for all those who participated. The participants, the trainers and the volunteers had the opportunity to meet several people and to live three days full of joy, laughter and knowledge. Three days were enough for them to experience intense emotions, to build friendships and to get to know each other a little better!

HIT 2018 was organized by medical students for the medical students. 10 medical students, active members of HelMSIC, from all over Greece contributed to the organization of the three-day educational event! Participating in the organizing committee gave a feeling of fulfilment to each one of the members! They realised the importance of cooperating with other people towards a common purpose and how to effectively deal with the problems that arise. Most importantly, they became friends and shared their fears, their anxiety and all the joy of creation!

After 6 months of preparation and intensive work, HIT 2018 became a reality!

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