Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most important public health issues worldwide. It is estimated that 1 out of 20 deaths is directly or indirectly attributed to diabetes. In general, the curriculum of Medical Schools in Greece do not put emphasis on the primary prevention of non-communicable diseases and empathic approach of patients. As a result, medical students are not well educated about primary prevention of Diabetes Mellitus type II and proper approaching and managing methods for patients with diabetes. Furthermore, the public is inadequately sensitized about people suffering from Diabetes and very often patients face discrimination and stigmatization not only from the general public but also from the medical community.

The program consists of two stages:

The first stage involves an educational workshop containing a seminar and a peer education training for the participating medical students about diabetes and preparation for the second stage of the program.

The second stage includes street action, which take place in central parts of the cities, where there are Medical Schools. These involve the students who attended the first program phase. During the street actions are held, open-to-everyone blood glucose measurements using special equipment takes place and information material is distributed.

The main goals of the program are:

  • To familiarize medical Students with the Diabetes Mellitus issue and its Prevention
  • To train medical students in practical knowledge and skills regarding M. Diabetes recognition and diagnosis
  • To integrate health standards (healthy lifestyle choices) in everyday life of a medical student
  • To understand the severity and impact of Diabetes Mellitus for Public Health, and the need for further awareness and sensitization
  • To acquire their first experience of approaching and scientificly informing the public on Diabetes Mellitus and its complications in health

External Collaborations

National Level

  • ELODI | Hellenic Organisation for Diabetes
  • POSSASDIA | Hellenic Federation of Local Associations for Diabetes

Local Level (LC-Greek name of the External-English name of the external)

  • Thessaloniki | DEVE | Diabetes Associasion of Northern Greece
  • Larissa | PASYDI | Association for Diabetes in the Prefecture of Thessaly
  • Heraklion| PASYNED | Association for Diabetes in the Prefecture of Crete
  • Ioannina | PENDI | Association for Diabetes in the Prefecture of Epirus
  • Patras | Glikia Zoi | Local Association for Diabetes in Patras
  • Athens | SYNED | Local Association for Diabetes in Alexandroupolis
  • Alexandroupolis | SYNDE | Local Association for Diabetes in Athens