HIT – HelMSIC International Training 2019

After an unforgettable last year’s HIT, HIT 2019 is officially on its way, maintaining this HelMSIC educational “tradition”!

HIT – HelMSIC International Training is a training event hosted by HelMSIC in Chalkidiki, Greece, from the 1st to 5th of May 2019. Every medical student around the globe is very welcome to attend HIT and participate in one of the 3 available workshops that are going to be held simultaneously.

The training workshops are the following:

  1. TNT – Training New Trainers
  2. TNHRT – Training New Human Rights Trainers
  3. PHLT on AMR – Public Health Leadership Training on Antimicrobial Resistance

The duration of each workshop is five days. All the trainings will be delivered in english.

As a participant, you will have the unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and  interact with medical students from all around the world!

Training New Trainers (TNT)
Through this workshop, participants will develop their soft skills using peer education methods. Soft skills, like time & crisis management, intercultural learning and leadership, are useful tools for every medical student and future healthcare professional. By the end of this workshop the trainees will not only have improved their own soft skills, gained knowledge and exchanged ideas, but they will also be able to train other medical students, in similar workshops.

Training New Human Rights Trainers (TNHRT)
TNHRT is a workshop which is focused on human rights and peace issues. During this workshop, participants are trained in order to become Human Rights Trainers. They gain knowledge on human rights, including their link to health, and explore the role of medical students as advocates for human rights. Meanwhile, participants are educated in soft skills that will give them the ability to become trainers and educate other students accordingly in the future.

Public Health Leadership Training on Antimicrobial Resistance (PHLT)
PHLT is a workshop which aims to provide participants with a wide range of competences needed to boost Public Health in their home country. From conducting a basic research and scientifically supporting local action to acquiring leadership skills, this workshop will give participants insight on every required aspect to monitor the impact of their activities and make them reach their purpose. In addition it aims to provide special knowledge on AMR and Infectious diseases as a major public health problem and ways of tackling it.


When and where will HIT take place?
HIT will take place in Chalkidiki in 1-5 May 2019. The participants will be accommodated at the Armenistis Camping & Bungalows.


What is the fee and what is included in it?
The fee is 100€ and it includes accommodation (all 4 nights) and full boarding (meals for every day of the workshop) as well as the transportation from Thessaloniki to Chalkidiki and backwards. The logistics needed for the workshops will also be included in the fee.

However, the fee does NOT include  participants’ transport from their country to Thessaloniki.


How can you participate in HIT?
You can register in the following form, choosing the workshop of your preference, until 10/03, 23:59 GMT (+2). Participants will be informed via email, in a short period of time after the closing of the registration!

For any question don’t hesitate to contact us at hit@helmsic.gr!

Don’t forget to attend our event for HIT 2019 on Facebook, in order to keep up to date about our training event!



    1. Author

      Hello 🙂

      You can participate only in one of the three available workshops.

  1. Hello! When will I be getting an email stating my application has been received or which training I have been selected to participate in?

    1. Author

      Hello 🙂
      The emails will have been sent until 20th of March.

  2. Hello , when is the deadline for receiving an acceptance email?

    1. Author

      Almost all the emails have been sent by the OC.

      Please contact us if you haven’t recieved one.

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