HIT – HelMSIC International Training 2021

HIT is back for one more year of unforgettable and educational experiences! Last year’s event might have been cancelled but we are back stronger than ever hosting it online for the very first time! HIT – HelMSIC International Training is an international training event for medical students worldwide whose sole purpose is to educate them on various and interesting topics, by using the methods of peer education.

What workshops will be included? 

  1. ExEx – Exchanges Experts
  2. Teach M.E – Teaching in Medical Education
  3. MSA – Medical Students as Advocates

ExEx – Exchanges Experts 

ExEx is a workshop whose goal is to train participants on topics which interest the Standing Committees of Clinical and Research Exchanges, offering them good practices and methods in order to further support IFMSA’s largest program. ExEx will also familiarize them with topics such as Intercultural learning and Global Health education. If you are interested in exchanges, then this workshop is for you! 

Teach M.E – Teaching in Medical Education

Teach M.E is a workshop that aims to introduce  participants to basic and original theories, teaching models and trends and to inform them about topics that occur concerning medical education and its deficiencies. Participants will also learn about the importance of the holistic role a Medical Teacher has in educational procedures. 

MSA – Medical Students as Advocates

MSA’s  goal is to inspire medical students around the world to further discover and empower the central role that they have regarding Public Health issues, while also expressing their opinions and concerns to important stakeholders relative to their education. This workshop aims to cultivate the balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application, the two most important components required for the formation of the new generation of Medical Students. 

What will you gain by participating in HIT? 

You will gain knowledge and experiences that will develop and evolve your skills, knowledge that is very important for a medical student and a future health professional. Meanwhile, you will have the chance to meet medical students from all over the world, share experiences and concerns with them without even having to leave your house, you will exchange opinions and create new friendships. In general, you will live a unique experience which will help you form a different point of view on the holistic approach  of medicine.   

When and where will it take place? 

HIT 2021 will be held online for the first time on May 3-9.

What is the fee? 

HIT 2021 is free!

How can you register?

Register by filling out the form below and choosing the workshop you prefer until 10/04 23:59 (GMT +3).

Register for HIT 2021 until 10th April, 23:59!

Participants will be informed via email shortly after registration is completed.
For any questions that might occur do not hesitate to contact us at hit@helmsic.gr
Also, follow the HIT 2021 event on Facebook in order to keep up with news and updates.

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