IFMSA March Meeting 2022 | 71st General Assembly, Ohrid, North Macedonia

The 71st General Assembly of the International Federation of Medical Students ’Associations (IFMSA) was held hybridly from March 1st to March 6th. It was attended by 19 medical students, active members of HelMSIC from all over Greece, as representatives of the medical students of the country.

IFMSA is the largest international medical student advocacy organization worldwide. It’s primary goal is to unite medical students from all over the world regardless of economic, socio-political, racial factors and beliefs. Its activities are divided into six Standing Committees: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Including HIV & AIDS, Public Health, Human Rights & Peace, Medical Education, Clinical Exchanges and Research Exchanges.

Two IFMSA General Assemblies are held each year, one in March and one in August. More specifically, these meetings consist of individual parts such as plenary sessions, training sessions, thematic events and presentation of innovative programs carried out by medical student organizations of other countries.

To begin with, plenary sessions concern the administrative part of the Federation. During them, resolutions take place on issues such as the political positions of the organization and collaborations with external bodies, while the elections for the IFMSA World Team take place.

In addition, one of the main parts of an IFMSA General Assembly are the Standing Committee Sessions. They are the most interactive part, where participants have the opportunity to decide on actions in each committee, to be educated on and discuss various issues. This year, some of the topics of the sessions were the impact of the pandemic on Medical Education, Vaccines and Immunization, the need for research in Medical Science, gender equality, World Health, and the impact of COVID-19 on human rights.

Although this Assembly was held in a hybrid manner, the HelMSIC delegation represented the medical students in a coordinated and dynamic manner, while the participants had the opportunity to get in touch with people from all over the world, to exchange views and gain a broader understanding of current issues in in the field of Medicine, but also in the education of Medical students from all over the world. 

IFMSA meetings are a unique experience and the atmosphere of cooperation, teamwork and mutual respect that prevails, is transmitted to the participants regardless of how they are conducted, both remotely and live!

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