Academic Quality

HelMSIC provides its incoming students with a high academic quality program all year round. Our organization collaborates with a wide range of departments, occupied in both clinical and preclinical fields, in all University Hospitals of Greece.

Furthermore, our incoming students have the chance to attend the Upon Arrival Training. This training is delivered every month by HelMSIC Trainers along with Exchange Officers and its purpose is to help the students adapt to the greek hospital environment and set a friendly mood for them to socialize.

Available Clinics and Research Programs

HelMSIC collaborates with departments, occupied in both clinical and laboratory fields, in all University Hospitals of Greece. Our academic partners guarantee the highest academic quality provided to incoming students, working on the purpose of expanding the students’ skills and knowledge during their clerkship. At the same time, incoming students will familiarize with the greek health system and the function of a greek public hospital, practicing on typical medical cases in Greece.

Below you can find the available hospitals you can apply, based on the departments:

More information about each Hospital’s available departments can be found in our Local Committees page, here.

In addition, HelMSIC collaborates with laboratories and clinics, in order to provide our incoming students participating in Research Exchanges with research projects of high quality. Thus, they can learn more about research methods, operating laboratory equipment and implementing experimental research, plus taking into consideration medical ethics and interaction between science and human.

There are 3 types of research projects:

  • Basic science project
  • Research project without laboratory involvement
  • Research project including laboratory work

You can find the list of available research projects per Local Committee below:

More information about each University’s Research Programs can be found in our Local Committees page, here.

Upon Arrival Training (UAT)

HelMSIC organises an Upon Arrival Training for its incoming students every month.

Upon Arrival Training (UAT) is a workshop that aims to familiarize medical students with the Greek Hospital environment, introduce them to the greek health system, experience what greek culture means and get to meet both the other incomings group and the greek students who organise the program in a local level.

The workshop is delivered by HelMSIC Trainers who are medical students having participated in TNT workshop (Training New Trainers), in cooperation with the Local Officers working on exchanges.

The agenda of UAT lasts about 2 hours and includes an introduction to the greek health system, a part about the greek culture, lifestyle and cuisine, an intercultural learning session and finally some team building games so that the participants overcome any cultural differences and have a lifetime experience not only as medical students but also as participants in an exchange program.

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