HelMSIC, within the framework of the achievement of its objectives, has been organising projects at national and local level concerning the thematic areas of the organisation, namely:

  • Medical Education
  • Clinical Exchanges
  • Research Exchanges
  • Public health
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • Human Rights & Peace.

Programs are based on three main axes:

  • Education and awakening of medical students and development of their skills
  • Active participation of medical students in informing and awakening public about health issues
  • A holistic approach to program content

Today, HelMSIC runs more than 25 programs for both medical students and general public who follow the above principles and are organised by local and national officials.

The goal is for each program to be unique. That is why HelMSIC choose to partner with external partners such as Doctors Without Borders, Doctors of the World, KETHEA, and others. In addition, various methods are being used depending on the objectives and theme, workshops, internships, peer education trainings, workshops, scientific conferences, street actions, campaigns, and much more.

Be more than a medical student.