One of the fundamental human rights is the one of equal access to health services and health care. Vulnerable social groups, due to the current laws of many states, are excluded from their respective health systems.

Refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, Roma populations, unemployed, disabled, addicted individuals and many others are deprived of services that most people consider fundamental, such as diagnostic tests, doctor monitoring and necessary medicines, especially in cases of chronic diseases.

This is  why Chiron was created. Chiron is a project designed to offer medical students the opportunity to contact with patients from vulnerable social groups and with a health care environment very different than the one we encounter in most hospitals in our country.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Raising awareness of the physician’s role and learning ways to properly approach patients from vulnerable social groups in a human rights based approach
  • Familiarization of medical students with the practice of limited resources medicine
  • Raising awareness of the role and responsibility of the state towards vulnerable social groups and demonstrating the inadequacy of the existing health system

The program has been carried out in collaboration with MdM Greece for the last 7 years in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.