Health for All | Campaign on informing and raising awareness on the access to healthcare

How much do you know about access to healthcare? Does everyone in Greece receive satisfactory medical services?

HelMSIC, having set as a national priority the access to healthcare, organised the campaign “Health for All”, in order to inform and raise awareness about the access of vulnerable social groups to healthcare services. The campaign took place from the 15th to the 22nd of February 2021.

The campaign’s objectives were:

  • Informing medical students about the access to healthcare 
  • Raising awareness in medical students about the access of vulnerable groups in the healthcare system and the role of medical professionals 
  • Understanding  the level of medical students’ awareness on the matter 

Through the campaign we aim to talk about: 

  • The access to healthcare and the legal frame around it in Greece
  • The access of vulnerable groups (refugees, migrants, homeless, disabled, addicted people) to healthcare in Greece and the changes that COVID-19 pendemic brought
  • The stigma and discrimination of vulnerable groups 
  • The role of medical students and future medical professionals in the elimination of stigma and discrimination and the promotion of the right to health

During the campaign the webinar “Health Without Discrimination” also took place, in association with the WHO Office of Greece, Amnesty International and Medecins du Monde. Moreover, a survey was conducted about the knowledge, attitude and education of medical students around the access of vulnerable groups to healthcare services.