Social Program

HelMSIC organises both Local and National Social program for the incomings, especially during summer months. National Social Program takes place in July and August and Local Social Program takes place all year round.

Local Social Program includes activitιes within the city of the exchange. It is organised by the Local Exchange Officers, the Local Officers on Research Exchanges and the Contact Persons and it includes sightseeing inside the city, trips to the countryside or the beach, nightclubs and parties, with the National Food and Drinking Party (NFDP) to be the highlight. In the NFDP, every student brings traditional food and drinks from his/her own country, so everyone has the chance to taste the very special cuisine and drinks of many different countries around the world in one night.

National Social Program includes trips in famous touristic places in Greece. It is organised by the National Exchange Officer, the National Officer on Research Exchanges and the National Social Program Coordinator. Τhe National Social Program takes place during weekends in July and August and incomings of all Local Committees have the possibility to participate. The destinations of the National Social Program and the registration deadlines of each year are announced on this website so stay tuned for more information!

The goals of the social program are:

  • To give the incoming students the opportunity to visit the most famous and beautiful places in Greece and come across the beauty of our country
  • To show them the very famous and rich history and the culture of our country, which finds its origins since 2000 BC
  • To give them the chance to live the daily life and the nightlife of greek medical students
  • To get to know their Contact Persons and the other incomings during the month of the exchange