Support Divisions

Support Divisions are structures of HelMSIC aiming to strengthen and develop the organization itself as well as its members on multiple and interconnected levels.

Communication Support Division of HelMSIC deals with the promotion and external image of our organization, as well as its activities towards medical students, our external partners and the general public.

Its purpose is to maintain and strengthen HelMSIC’s external image and outreach by adopting strategies and promotional policies, managing all the communication channels (website, social media etc.) our organization uses and editing its publications.

National Communications Director (NCD) is responsible for the Communication Support Division on a national level, and the Local Communication Coordinators (LCC) are responsible for this division on a local level.

Project Support Division of HelMSIC manages and develops projects.

Its purpose is the constant upgrade of our projects’ quality, so as to maximize the benefit and impact to the people our projects target.

Projects Support Division Director (PSDD) is responsible for the Projects Support Division on a national level.

Capacity building for members is HelMSIC’s main goal; therefore, there is an entire Support Division dedicated to this. Training Support Division (TSD) deals with capacity building both as part of the projects and as individual procedures.

Its purpose is the development and training of our members in a wide range of skills and knowledge through the implementation of various training activities on a local, national and international level.

It consists of a network of trainers who work together to organize and deliver appropriate training sessions. Trainers are HelMSIC members who attended a Training New Trainers Workshop (TNT).

National Training Director (NTD) is responsible for the Training Support Division on a national level.

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