HelMSIC in Brief

Be more than a medical student. Be HelMSIC

HelMSIC – Hellenic Medical Students’ International Committee, is an independent committee, non-profitable, non-governmental and non-partizan, founded in 1958 from medical students. HelMSIC consists of 7 local committees, one in each Greek city with a Medical School.

We envision a society of medical students and future physicians equipped with values and social conception in order to promote humanism and  a holistic approach to medicine. HelMSIC inspires the cultivation and evolution of the character, behavior and skills of medical students, in an environment of acceptance and collegiality.


HelMSIC’s activities have 6 focus areas, on which relevant projects are organized.

Medical Education | It focuses on medical education and curriculum changes, while special workshops for learning specific techniques and skills not covered by the curriculum are also carried out.

Professional Exchanges | Every year there are, nationally, about 350 bilateral exchanges of medical students, which are held for one month at a university clinic abroad.

Research Exchanges | Every year there are, nationally, about 100 bilateral exchanges of medical students, which are held for one month at a research center abroad, as well as other programs related to the research and familiarization of students with it.

Public Health | It includes information and awareness raising of public and medical students on public health issues such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, psychogenic eating disorders, organ donation, etc.

Reproductive & Sexual Health | It includes educating and informing medical students, and through them, young people, on sexual and reproductive health issues, gender identity, sexual orientation, and rights via peer education.

Human Rights & Peace | It focuses on educating and sensitizing medical students on human rights’ issues in the health sector and on issues of access to it by vulnerable social groups.

Collaborations & International network
Our activities are often organised in cooperation with other organisations such as Doctors Without Borders, KETHEA, Doctors of the World, AIESEC as well as members of the academic community.

Finally, HelMSIC is an active member of IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations and EMSA – European Students’ Association. Through its participation in international students’ organisations, HelMSIC is the only organisation that represents Greek medical students abroad.

The occupation of each medical student with HelMSIC offers the unique opportunity to make creative and effective use of their spare time for the benefit of the future physicians and society, to develop their skills and to work with medical students from all over the world.

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