University of Ioannina

University of Ioannina was founded in 1970, although some of its departments had already been established since 1964. It is considered one of the most remarkable educational institutions in Greece and consists of 11 Schools and 26 different Faculties. The University Campus is located approximately 6km away from the city centre. Apart from its Schools and Faculties, it includes the library with a collection of 400.000 books and 1000 subscriptions to scientific journals, the students’ restaurant and dormitory. It also houses the Museum of Medical History, the Museum of molds and copies of the Classical and Byzantine times, the Museum of Folk Art, the Folklore Museum of the University of Ioannina and the Museum of Typography and Technology. Understanding the need not only for spiritual cultivation but also for physical health, the University gives students the opportunity to exercise indoors at the University Gym.

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1977. Today it holds a high position in international evaluations, has a large number of participations in both research programs and clinical studies, while its cooperation with recognized institutions is remarkable. It numbers 42 clinical departments and laboratories, 1433 pre graduate students and 829 post graduate and PhD students. The aim of the Faculty is to provide medical students and consequently future health professionals with high quality teaching and educational work, so that students acquire critical skills, complex thinking and specific skills that will be important supplies for their scientific and professional careers. The recently designed curriculum is adapted to the modern developments of Medical Science and its goal is the direct exposure of students, from the first year to clinical knowledge, to gain clinical experience and at the same time to develop ethical values and social accountable future doctors.

University Hospital

The University Hospital of Ioannina is the largest hospital in Northwestern Greece, it is one of the largest hospitals in Greece and is adjacent to the Faculty of Medicine. Medical students come into constant interaction with the clinics and are tested under real-life conditions, which aims to obtain a complete medical training. The students are trained through clinical rotations, visiting the clinical and surgical departments, outpatient clinics, emergency departments and observing surgeries in the University Hospital. The medical practice is always combined with the corresponding lectures and presentations, in order to offer students a holistic approach of every specialty and subject taught. The medical training also includes practice in Health Centers of the wider region and visits at rehabilitation centers.

The city of Ioannina

Ioannina is the largest city in Epirus. It has a rich cultural tradition and modern development companies. Among the diverse geographical features of the area and the rich natural beauty, a special place is occupied by Lake Pamvotida, which is adjacent to the city. The University of Ioannina is an important part of it and makes Ioannina a city rich in student life. Lake Pamvotida with its romantic perimeter walks and melancholy morning fogs is the pride of the city. Valuable ornament of the lake is the small beautiful island which it hosts, an island located in a lake. There, one can try the traditional flavors of Ioannina, such as sweets, drinks and food. Another remarkable sight of the city is the imposing castle of Ioannina with its Ottoman buildings, built in 528 AD, it is a real estate, in which the spiritual life of the city progressed. A walk in the traditional alleys of the castle, takes the visitor to another era. Other places highly recommended to visit are the Museum of Wax Figures of Vrelli, the Cave of Perama, the Gorge of Vikos, the Dodoni Ancient Theatre and Zagorochoria.