International Meetings

HelMSIC as an active member of IFMSA & EMSA participates in international meetings, via delegations of active members!

They are unique meetings, in which medical students from all around the world are at the same area and have the ultimate intercultural experience.

IFMSA Meetings

IFMSA, every year helds: 

  • General Assemblies – GAs: They are 2, the first is called March Meeting and the second August Meeting
  • European Regional Meeting (EuRegMe): It is the meeting of the region of Europe and takes place in April or May

EMSA Meetings

EMSA, every year helds:

  • General Assemblies – GAs: They are 2, the first is called Spring Assembly and the second Autumn Assembly

IFMSA’s and EMSA’s International Meetings, through special interactive workshops and themed sessions, aim to the:

  • Education and acquisition of abilities of active members for the empowerment of the organisations in which they belong to
  • Development of knowledge in the fields each organisation acts upon
  • Decision making for functional topics and policy making for health issues
  • Contact, exchange of opinions, ideas and best practices between medical students from around the world
  • Familiarity with the way these organisations operate