Local Committees

HelMSIC consists of 7 Local Committees, one in each city where there is a Medical School. The students of each Medical School are members of HelMSIC by the time they register and have the opportunity to actively participate in their local committee.

Each Local Committee organises HelMSIC’s projects and activities, addressed to the students of each medical school. The active members take on the organization of these projects in a local level and they can be involved in fields of actions and supporting structures of HelMSIC, by taking local responsibilities.

The active members of the local committee meet regularly, once a week. The meetings’ agendas include current issues such as projects’ management and reporting, troubleshooting, upcoming projects, preparation for participation in the national meetings and capacity building processes. All members can participate in these meetings and express their opinion freely. Any medical student, interested in learning more about HelMSIC can attend local meetings.

Active engagement through the local committee enables each student to cultivate their organisational and communicative skills and work with a group of people, who share common interests and concerns.

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