HelMSIC aims to promote the interaction and collaboration of medical students in local, national and international level. Each year, the active members of HelMSIC have the chance to participate in the four national meetings and the international meetings organised by IFMSA and EMSA.

Each year HelMSIC helds four national meetings, three Executive Board Meetings (EBM) and one National General Assembly (NGA). At international level, HelMSIC actively participates in IFMSA’s annual meetings, March Meeting (MM), August Meeting (AM) and European Regional Meeting (EuRegMe), while sending delegations to the two EMSA meetings, which are the Spring Assembly (SA) and the Autumn Assembly (AA).

The purpose of the meetings in general is to give the members the chance to be educated and trained and to interact and get to know each other, as well as discuss and make decisions on various administrative issues of the organisation.

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