National Meetings

HelMSIC is a national organisation with 7 local committees, one in every medical school of Greece. It is important for HelMSIC to keep its national character, and therefore organises four (4) national meetings annually.  

These national meetings are a unique way to achieve communication and contact between the active members of the local committees, their education, and their interaction and exchange of ideas for the organisation’s actions.

They include

  • Trainings, in order to develop the members’ skills
  • Sessions of the Standing Committees’ teams
  • Decision making and implementation of typical procedures
  • Sessions for the education of the participants in developing skills, familiarizing with procedures and developing their role as active members

These sessions have to do with projects’ and actions’ presentation, processing issues in small group interactively and thematic discussions based on the needs each time.

HelMSIC’ s National Meetings include one General Assembly and three regular Executive Board Meeting annually.

HelMSIC’s General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body in the organisation. It consists of representatives from each local committee and takes place regularly once a year (April or May). Especially the General Assembly includes the election for the National Officers and the members of the Executive Board of HelMSIC.

The Executive Board Meeting (EBM) is the collective decision-making body of HelMSIC in between the General Assemblies. It consists of 5 members and one representative from each Local Committee. The EBM sessions take place 3 times a year and are hosted in a different Local Committee in a different city of Greece each time.

Usually, in the national meetings, there are HelMSIC’s external partners present, who are there to inform the participants for their work as well as discuss further potential cooperation.

Remaining loyal to HelMSIC’s youth character, the national meetings’ program includes activities for the entertainment and fun of the participants.