Research Exchanges

HelMSIC, as a member of the IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, facilitates the program of research exchanges, providing a unique opportunity for medical students studying in Greece to participate and experience research abroad!

Annually, about 70 medical students from Greece, travel to one of the countries available and spend one month in a research project, of their choice, abroad. The project deepens in the various fields of medical science, by educating medical students on research. It introduces students to different approaches to clinical research and medical education.

Types of research projects:

  • Basic laboratory research project
  • A clinical research project with lab work
  • A clinical research project without lab work

Furthermore, an exchange provides to the student the opportunity to travel, interact with peers, live in a different culture and have an experience for life!

Preparatory workshops provide the necessary skills and knowledge for students to benefit the most out of a research month.

A corresponding number of students from abroad come to Greece to be practiced in research laboratories across Greece.

The mains objectives of research exchanges are:

  1. Introduce them to the basic principles of medical research
  2. Enable them to take responsibility for their own learning according to their personal interests
  3. Widen their horizons and provide the opportunity to experience different approaches to health care, ethical research standards, medical research, education, and treatment
  4. Intercultural learning
  5. Broaden the horizons, meet and come close to the different culture, lifestyle and tradition of the hosting country

Our Partners: Laboratories & Academic Staff of Medical Schools, Research Institutions