Sexual and Reproductive Health – HIV/AIDS

Standing Committee on Reproductive & Sexual Health including HIV/AIDS (SCORA)

Local officers (LORAs) | National Officer (NORA)

What is Reproductive and Sexual Health? Why and how does it concern medical students?

The main objectives of SCORA are to raise awareness and educate medical students. In this way, SCORA aims to inform and educate the youth on reproductive and sexual health and rights, as well as gender identity and sexual orientation issues.

The ultimate goal is to ensure the familiarization of future doctors with similar issues at national and international level, doctors capable of positively influencing people’s lifestyle change towards healthy and safe sexual behaviors, who are trained spherically and remain free from attitudes and behaviors that may impede equal access to health.

Major focus areas : HIV / AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, gender-based violence, sexuality and gender identity, breast and testicular cancer.