SHARE | Sexual Education for Young People

SHARE | Sexual Education for Young People is a 5-week project that aims to promote a healthy sexual lifestyle among adolescents and young people in general, through trainings conducted by HelMSIC’s Sexual & Reproductive Health trainers. 

Sexual Education in Greece

In Greece there is a lack regarding Sexual Education of adolescents and young people. Sexual Education is not included in schools’ educational curricula neither formaly nor informaly. Thus, adolescents and young people have no concrete source for finding information about topics such as STIs, sexual rights, gender identity, reproductive health and family planning. They try to search all these on their own or with their peers and often have difficulty in finding valid information.

The project

The project consists of four parts:

Preparation of the agenda in collaboration with the CFPA – Cyprus Family Planning Association.

Preparation of the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights trainers by the CFPA on how to talk about sexual education.

Preparation of the trainers by the KETHEA – Therapy Center for Depending Individuals regarding the profile of the adolescents of the group. Those are psychosocial support groups for young people, regarding prevention of dependancies. 

Five trainings in a duration of five weeks. The topics of the trainings are:

  • Reproductive Health
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection
  • Sexual Rights
  • Gender Identity
  • Family Planning

After the end of the project, it is evaluated through evaluation forms by the trainers, the adolecents and the KETHEA. 


SHARE is being organised in collaboration with the CFPA – Cyprus Family Planning Association and the KETHEA – Therapy Center for Depending Individuals.