World AIDS Day

The HIV / AIDS is a major health problem, which affects the health and the everyday life of millions of people throughout the world. Sexual contact is the most common way of transmission, for everyone, regardless of any sexual orientation. Safe sexual practices (use of condom and other precautionary ways) and frequent check-ups (HIV test) can protect someone from the virus’s transmission, yet it can also promptly help people who have already been infected. The awareness of the population about the virus and safe sex is inadequate among the people of all ages, consequently they are in difficult position regarding the protection of their own health and the health of their partner from the virus.

The World AIDS Day project has been held on the occasion of World AIDS Day, on the first of December, for more than 20 years. It consists of an educational experiencing information seminar for the HIV infection and AIDS, in combination with learning communicational skills. The thing that helps with the conduct of this seminar are methods that promote equality in education. After the seminar a street action takes place, held on the World AIDS Day. During this street action the students inform the crowd about the HIV infection and the prevention of virus’s transmission .

The main objectives of the program:

  1. To raise awareness among medical students about the epidemiological and other characteristics of the HIV infection and AIDS
  2. To educate medical students regarding the precautionary methods, especially safe sexual conduct
  3. Sensitization  of medical students about social parameters of HIV and highlighting taboo subjects like stigma and the discrimination of HIV patients
  4. Sensitization of the crowd concerning the vitality of precaution of  HIV’s transmission as well as the safe sexual conduct